Best ways to stream movies together

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When you are in a long distance relationship, it is always hard to do stuff together. If you like watching movies together, there are plenty of ways to do this, you only have to know how. In this post I will explain a few tips and tricks.
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Metastream works really well with streaming and sycning media so you can watch it together. Set up a videocall session with your phone and you are ready to go. You just need Chrome or Firefox (they also offer a desktop version) and this is free to use.
More info here: Metastream.

Works similair like Metastream but is optimized for Netflix, watch together or in groups for free. Sync that movie or series so you will exactly see what your partner is seeing. More info: Netflix party. Some movies won’t be available in your country, but that is just how Netflix works. This won’t change that sadly. Netflix Party only works in Chrome as an extension.

Another free media sharing service, Kast is now only available as a desktop and IOS program, but a webservice is coming soon. You can start streaming parties just like Metastream and Netflix party and is free to use. Download here: Kast.

Those 3 services are currently one of the best out there so you can watch a movie together with your partner or even a group across the world. Each service has it pro’s and cons and you just need to test yourself how it works for you. I hope this post helps you!
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Strange Mexican Traditions

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In my last post I wrote about strange Dutch Traditions. In this post I will write about some of the strange Mexican traditions I encountered when I was visiting. Enjoy!
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Always denying the sauce is spicy
Mild sauce you say? Not spicy at all! But if you are not used to this you will burn your mouth for sure. Even if you ask the waiter to not make it spicy! Oh and the color of the salsa doesn’t say anything. Green doesn’t mean it isn’t spicy, or is it? Noone knows.

Dia de los muertos
Every year on 2 November this amazing 2 day holiday starts. The Mexicans remember their passed loved ones with a “ofrenda” and celebrate this with a lot of colorful things as well. Very cool way of celebrating the death!

La Quinceanera
Turning 15 not a big deal? Well in Mexico it is! When you turn 15 you should celebrate this big. In Mexico the girls will turn into real princesses for a day. Rent a limousine for a day (or anything else that is fancy) and enjoy this moment. It is basically like a sweet 16, but way more extravagant, traditional and seen as a very important moment in a girls life. Hey you only turn 15 once right?

Arriving late
Mexican time just works a bit different, if you have an appointment at 1pm, a Mexican will probably come at around 1:30pm or even later. Never earlier. So take that in account!

Mexicans love to dance
Mexican culture is full of music and dance, if you think about Mexico you probably think about Mariachi bands. However every Mexican region has their own traditional dance. This is really incredible to see. Anywhere you go they have a completely different dance together with different colorful clothes. For more info, visit this page: Traditional Mexican dances.

That’s it for now, hope you liked this post. Please leave a comment if you have suggestions!
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Most Romantic places in Africa

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In the last post I write about the most romantic places in North America. Now it’s Africa’s turn. Which places are the most romantic for a nice getaway together? In non particular order here are the most romantic places in Africa.
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North Island, Seychelles
If you are looking for a romantic adventure on one of the most beautiful island this world has, then North Island in the Seychelles is the one you are looking for. This island is known for the most romantic hotels, amazing beach views and the best weather you could wish for. This is a couple’s dream!

Hartbeesport, South Africa
I visited this place myself, and I wish I visited thjs place with my girlfriend here. This place is just outside of Johannesburg but it offers incredible views! There is a very nice dam you could walk across but for the most romantic time there is also a cableway that will bring you on top of the mountains stretching around the land here. From here you can hike down or just go out eating with magnificent views.

Lake Malawi, Malawi
If you are looking for a place that will bring you peace and romantic beach walks, Lake Malawi is for you. This place is beautiful and very silent, not a lot of tourist have discovered this place yet. So this place is great to find some alone time together. You can also go scubadiving, fish and sit near a campfire.

Maasai Mara, Kenya
The Maasai Mara National Reserve should be on any couples list looking for a romantic safari time. If you are looking for lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras and hippos this is the perfect place. Maasai Mara offers different kind of accomidations as well, so there is something for the adventurous couple for sure!

Marrakesh, Morocco
Looking for a One Thousand and One Nights romantic time? Marrakesh is the city you are looking for. This place is very safe, offers a lot of amazing riads for you to relax in and amazing bazaars to explore together. Marrakesh offers it all for couples and lone adventures. You even can go camel riding together!

Capetown, South Africa
To close this list of is Capetown in South Africa. This city offers a lot of things to do, for example hike to Table mountain, explore the countless museum and visit Robben island where Nelson Mandela was held captive. Capetown also offers a lot romantic restaurant with a view of Table mountain and as added extra the city is located next to the ocean. What else could a couple ask for?

As you can see, Africa is very diverse and very romantic! If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments, thanks for reading!
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Most romantic places in North America

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Last time I wrote about the most romantic places in Europe, now it’s time to gather the places you definitively wants to visit in Canada, the United States and Mexico with your partner for an amazing romantic getaway. For pictures and more other posts please visit

Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Known as the most beautiful small city of the United States, Providence offers amazing strolls, beautiful greenery and fantastic small bars for romantic dinners. Waterplace Park is the backdrop for the WaterFire art installation, which lights up the surrounding tidal basin most nights in the summer and for special events

Providence offers many things to do as well. There is a zoo, the RISD museum ( Rhode Island School of Design) and even a Culinary Arts Museum.

Los Cabos, Mexico
If you like white beaches, still undiscovered nature and secluded bars, then give Los Cabos a try. Los Cabos is an upcoming tourist destination but not that popular yet. Los Cabos are two cities linked together ( Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo).

Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Canada
Talking about long names, Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier is only known for one thing, but this is pretty cool. Make sure to cuddle up because it will be cold. This town is known for the world famous Ice hotel (Hotel de Glace Ice Bar). Yes an actual hotel made out of ice. However it is a very seasonal hotel with opening times from January to April.

Guanajuato, Mexico
Known for the alley of the kiss (Callejón del Beso), romantic Mariachi walks in the evening and beautiful views with amazing architecture, Guanajuato is super romantic. I have been here myself and this city is a hidden gem of Mexico. The buildings are also very colorful, there is a special elevator that will take you to a hill. Here you have an amazing view over the town.

Charleston, USA
This small city is perfect for romantic getaways. Known for its amazing 1670 style architecture, fantastic beach walk fronts and horse drawn carriages. You will sure have a romantic time here. Charleston also offers a very elegant french quarter.

Quebec City, Canada
Known for its 18th century walls, many candle lit dinner restaurants, and very beautiful stylized houses. Quebec is one of the most romantic cities in Canada. Quebec has many promenades for you to walk hand in hand with your partner. Make sure to also visit the Montmorency Falls!

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