Andrea visits the Netherlands for the 3rd time

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Last September Andrea visited me for the 2nd time, (she was in the Netherlands once before she met met). After a long flight she finally arived at Amsterdam Schiphol and I was so excited!
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I was following her flight the whole time on flightradar and once she crossed England I took the train to Schiphol to pick her up. However the plane was a little bit delayed so I walked around Schiphol a bit. But soon I was waiting at the arrivals exit, when I saw a lot of Mexicans I knew she was waiting in line for the passport check. Across the glass I could finally see her! Yay!
After waiting about 30 more minutes, she was finally in my arms. The incredible feeling for your girlfriend falling in your arms after not seeing her for 3 months is such a relieve. She made it safely to me again, now another adventure could begin!

She made it!
The next day I had to work, however this came out very handy for Andrea. She was able to rest after her long flight and relax a bit. I gave her access to my Disney + Account so she could watch some movies. Too bad my WiFi connection was very poor so that didn’t work out too well.

The Saturday was fully planned though! I had booked 2 return tickets with a real steam train from ‘S Hertogenbosch to Tilburg. Once we arrived she was very excited to go with the steam train. I loved it too, it was very nice and we got a bit of a Harry Potter vibe. The train actually goes very fast and it takes around 30 minutes for the ride. They also sell snacks and drinks onboard. More information: here (Dutch page).

After we arrived in Tilburg we explored the city a bit and ate cheaply at a Mcdonalds like we used to do. After walking a bit a little more (it was around 2pm now, we left at 9am) we walked back to the station to take the ride back on the steam train to ‘S Hertogenbosch.

During our ride back, we were sitting with two very fun train enthousiasts. One guy was wearing special goggles so he could hang out of the window! He was also telling us interesting train facts haha!

Being together with my girlfriend again is such an amazing feeling, I am very happy she was with me again so I could show her more of the Netherlands!

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XCaret, Mexico

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When Andrea and I were in Cancun, we wanted to explore more of the area. Andrea had been in Cancun before so she knew about this amazing park near Playa del Carmen. This park is called Xcaret and is basically a very big nature reserve. Xcaret is also a very large ancient Mayan village, but nowadays you can swim in the tunnels the Mayans used and do lots of other activities.

We booked our trip on, and on the day itself they will basically just pick you up from your hotel. I think we left at around 8am and we came back at our hotel at around 10pm. So we basically had a full but very active day.
We paid for the more luxurious option so we got lunch included. Once we arrived it was very busy already. So if you like waiting lines you will love this. We followed the path to where we could change our clothing and put our important stuff in lockers. Money and other stuff you want to take with you all day you can put in special bags. So when you go swimming the stuff will be waiting at the other side for you. (You can lock the bag safely).

Then you can just follow the path and jump in! Or go slowly either way is fine. I would wait for a gap to appear a little bit. So you can swim at your own pace.

The water is cold but you get used it to. make sure to bring watershoes since the rocks can hurt your feet! You are allowed to take a (waterproof) camera with you. Andrea took her GoPro with her! We swam through caves, and within two high walls. There is even a route where you will swim through a restaurant and a church!

If you get tired you can go out at special exits, so don’t worry about swimming the whole route. We swam for a total of 3 hours. Our muscles felt very tired the next day!

Xcaret is super beautiful! There are 3 routes you can take. I would advice to go first where noone goes. When we were swimming the water was too busy, we were constantly hitting other people and others were hitting us. When we did the 3rd route after lunch time, swimming was way more relaxed and we could just take it more easy.

The park has 4 different restaurants as well. European, Mexican, more Asian themed and fish themed. We went for the European and this restaurant was all you can eat and drink. Very nice.

There are also more activities, in our package snorkling was included, but if you want to do other actives like swimming with sharks or taking a boat ride you have to pay extra. There are also a lot of photo moments, make sure to scan your wristband and take a lot of photo’s. Especially if you have a photo pass. Then photo’s are free!

Map of the park.
Later in the evening they also have a very large show, the show is about Mexican history, from the Mayans to the Mexican revolution and beyond. It is very beautiful and very impressive as well. We arrived a bit late so we didn’t get a good view of everything. But if you fancy you can even reserve a table with dinner.

Xcaret was very amazing, the owner of Xcaret owns other parks too, like Xplor, Xel-Ha, Xenotes and many other parks. We paid around 130 Dollars per person. It is a bit expensive but well worth it!

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Keeping the LDR alive

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It is very natural that you notice ups and downs in your relationship from time to time, this is perfectly normal. However with a LDR (Long distance relationship). Things might get harder. You don’t see each other that often or even speak each other on the phone. In this post I will give some tips about how you can deal with this.

1. Talk about your feelings
By that I mean that you always speak your mind with things are bothering. This goes both ways, listen and see how you could improve things. Maybe you have been busy so you haven’t had much time to talk to your partner. It is important to let your partner know what has been bothering you, before it is too late. Don’t crop up your feelings. If you partner loves you he/she will appreciate this. Keep in mind you are in this relationship together and not alone.

2. Go places together even if you are far away
Call him/her with your phone and turn on your camera, film what you are seeing. Even better is to go out somewhere and explore it with him/her. Basically it is almost like when you are together! You can do this the other way too. You can be in bed while your partner shows the place to you.

3. Set differences aside
Fighting from time to time in relationship is perfectly normal, however know what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes you just need a bit of breathing space, or maybe your partner needs some breathing space. Give him/her that. Afterwards discuss the difference and set it aside and keep going on.

4. Don’t get bored yourself
By that I don’t mean that you get bored from the relationship (if that happens, try to find stuff to make it interesting again). I mean more that you have to try to keep yourself busy. If you have a lot of free time you tend to get bored more easily and miss your parter more often. If you keep yourself entertained you will have more stuff to talk to him/her about. Keeping the relationship also more interesting.

5. Keep faith in the relationship
Most importantly; keep believing in your relationship. If you think the relationship is not working anymore, communicate this clearly and talk about this first. Maybe there is a solution or if you really want maybe try a bit harder to best to move together. But what is mostly true: Long distance relationships take a lot of time and you will need to have patience for this. Just make sure you have a good plan and know that eventually you will live together. In the end everything was worth it!

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Top 3 things to do in Brussels

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If you are checking out of things to do while you are in Brussels, please read on, in this post I will give you my own view of some amazing and must do things to do in Brussels! I won’t write here about the obvious things like Manneke Pis and the Automium, every tourist will basically go there. This post is more about the hidden gems of Brussels, Belgium. Enjoy!

1. Delirium Cafè
Belgium is known for its beers, so while you are in Brussels, a visit to the Delirium cafè/village is something you should have checked out. There is an entire street devoted to this gold and black stuff and you can try out more than 2000+ different types of beer. And the best of it all? The price is not bad at all for what you get. Google maps link: here. Personally I would say that the best time to visit is during the day, during the night it might get very busy especially in weekends.

2. Hard Rock Cafè Brussels
When Andrea and I were here, we ate the best food we ever had in our lives. The burger and the fries were amazing and perfect. Also the view from here is pretty nice. The Hard Rock Cafè is located at the grand place, so it is easy to find. Make sure to arrive before the dinner time (around 5-6pm) Else you might need to wait. But I promise you, the food is the best. They even have the 24 karat burger.

3. Royal Palace area
Also close to the center is the Royal Palace area. Here you can find a plethora of museums and other interesting stuff. If you like museums, there will be a museum for you. Or you can just walk around and take the huge buildings in. Up to you!

Hope this post helped you a bit about finding your way around the best spots in Brussels!
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5 reasons why you should never leave your country

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Last time I wrote about why you absolutely should live in a different country, by popular demand here are 5 reasons why you should never leave your country. Because why would you?
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1. You love your country
You absolutely love your country, the weather is just like how you like it, the people are friendly (most of the time, but you don’t bother). And you have a good job. No reason to leave, also the holidays are fine, there are lots of things to discover about your own country. It is huge! Plus that pesky airport security is absolutely not for you.

2. Why throw everything away you’ve built?
You have slaved away years to own what you own now, you started at the bottom and now you finally made it, you have an amazing job, a nice family and even a good house. Why throw this away and start over?

3. You don’t want to move far away from your family
You love your family, and so they love you, why would you move across the world and only see them maybe once per year? Or if you’re lucky only when all you need is love comes to visit you. Okay nowadays you have Skype, Whatsapp, etcetera, but that is still different then seeing your loved ones in real life.

4. You don’t want to lose any benefits you have
Most countries have benefits, think about health insurance or any social coverage. Even your pension you have worked for might be harder to get once you live in a different country. Or what if you lived in a different country for years and you decide to go back? There is not global pension scheme. Which means you are throwing away your hard earned money.

5. Learning another language is too hard
You already know English and perhaps some other language, why go through the boredom to learn another one? It takes a lot of time to get fluent in and why the bother if you never leave your country anyway?

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