Why you should live in a different country

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Working or studying in a diffent culture can be great, you will not only learn about different cultures, you will also make new friends, learn a new language (or just improve your English). You will also learn to be more on yourself. Maybe you are living far away from your family. Going home to do the dirty wash is not that easy as it was anymore. In this post I will try to explain the good and the bad about living in a different country.

1. Learning about different cultures
When I moved to South Africa for the first time, I had an instant culture shock. The Culture differences were huge! Not only where the South African people talking differently, they had entirely different customs than what I was used to. Basically moving there forced me to talk to the locals, learn how they do things differently, sometime it was hard to understand the accent, but soon I was able to make some local friends.

But as a person, I grew a lot more, no longer I just knew that there is much more than just the Netherlands, I even think I started to appreciate different cultures. I think the customs, behaviors and the personal stuff of people from different countries is really interesting.

2. Finally truly on your own
Depending if you go to a country that is far away or more closer to your home, you start to develop yourself much quicker. No longer you can ask your parents for help. (they might be a day worth of traveling away). You need to learn howto cook (If you didn’t know before), and no I am not talking microwave/fast food. You will really start to develop yourself to be more Independent , well you don’t really have a choice, you have to!

All the above will make your more confident, more knowledgable and more experienced. How cool is it that you can tell others about your adventures?

3. Great on your CV
Working or Studying abroad will stand out very well on your CV, it shows that you’re not afraid of being thrown into the ocean, shows that you’re adventurous and also shows you have international skills (Like a language).
For me: IBM – South Africa, always bought me to the job interview. And now that I also have worked in Krakow, Poland and in Dublin, Ireland it even adds more strength to my already impressive CV.

4. Why would you not go?
As there are many reasons as why you should go, there are of course plenty reasons of why you shouldn’t go. For example, if you are easily struck by home sickness, or if you like your country you’re in, you have to sell your house first in order to go.

There are plenty of jobs available, but perhaps the job you would like to do is hard to find, you could consider a language course in a country of choice. However these things costs quite a bit of money.

Personally, I think moving to a different country (even if it is for just a year or shorter), will always improve you personally, gives you amazing memories and you will perhaps even find the love of your life. Never shot is always a miss.

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Top 3 Destinations South Africa

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South Africa is a beautiful country, full of contrasts. From a very clear divide of the poor and rich, to amazing natural fauna and amazing food. South Africa, also known as the rainbow nation is a place not to be missed when you get the chance. In this blog I will tell you about mine Top 3 places you must visit once in your lifetime.

1. Cape Town
Started as a Dutch Settlement, now a beacon of light and a modern city. Visit Tabletop mountain, enjoy the scenic views and visit the Mandela Baai. This city is as vibrant as it gets. There are lot’s of local food markets. Tip: Make sure to enjoy a braai (South African barbecue). If you want you can also rent a car and drive a long the world famous Garden Route. So pretty!

2. Johannesburg
The City of Gold, Jozi, Johannesburg has lots to offer. From the Apartheidsmuseum (A must visit!), Stunning Malls like Sandton City, Rosebank and Mellrose mall and of course Soweto where you can visit Mandela’s old house.

Johannesburg is a vibrant city. Even though it can be still quite dangerous. The crime has slowly been declining in the recent years. During the day there is enough to do for weeks! Johannesburg is also close to Pretoria, has modern transportation (Gautrain) and has a lot of nice hotels. Johannesburg also has a the largest mall of the Southern hemisphere now, The Mall Of Africa!

3. Port Elizabeth
If you are looking for a more quiet place to explore, then Port Elizabeth is a good place to go! Port Elizabeth in the western part of South Africa on the West Coast. There are lot’s of houses build in Victorian style. You can also go whale watching as Port Elizabeth is a famous spot for Whales. Make sure to visit this (Small) city if you want to escape the busy town of Johannesburg.

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Amazing Game Of Thrones tour

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If you like Game of Thrones, then going to North Ireland is a very easy choice. North Ireland is were a lot of scenes where recorded, around the Belfast Area.

We decided to book a tour with the Game of Thrones tour company, they picked us up in the early morning in the city centre of Dublin. From there on we went on our way to Nortern Ireland.

During the bus trip we did a Game of Thrones quiz and adorred the amazing views.

Soon we visited our first place (Behind the Wall) and donned our capes. Later we also visited Winterfell and we went swordfighting at an abbey. It was a really special day, we even drank beer from a goathorn cup and we were allowed to hug the original direwolves!

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