Top 10 things to do in Dublin, Ireland

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If you’re planning on visiting dublin, make sure to read this post! Here I will give you 10 amazing things you could visit in the city of Dublin!

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1. Guinness Storehouse
Address: St James’s Gate, Ushers, Dublin 8, Ireland .
You don’t need to be a Beer lover to love this museum! The Guinness Storehouse takes you on a adventure about what the Irish call their black gold. Make sure to reserve tickets online to skip the long lines at the entrance. The museum will explain in an interactive way how Guinness is made and at the end you can even learn how to tap a pint yourself. You can take that point to the top of the Guinness Building and enjoy a very nice view over Dublin City.

2. Dublin Zoo
If the weather allows it, make sure to Visit the Dublin Zoo, they have a lot of animals in very large enclosures, they even have their own savanna and jungle. Prepare to see and walk a lot! The Dublin Zoo is located inside the huge park of called Phoenix Park. You won’t even notice that you’re in the city.

3. Epic Ireland
Address: CHQ, Custom House Quay, Dublin, D01 T6K4, Ireland
The Epic Ireland museum, is a museum all about Irish Immigration, perhaps even you have Irish blood inside of your veins! Epic Ireland is very interactive and tells the story of strugle, hope and opportunity perfectly. You even get your own passport you can stamp! Epic Ireland is one of the best Museums I have ever been too. Check it out!

4. The Viking Tour
Dublin used to be ruled by the Vikings for a short while, even today you can see a lot of remains. The Viking Tour will take you on a very good tour around Dublin to find those remains. You even get a Viking helmet to wear, oh did I tell you that the tourbus can also float on the water?!

5. Temple Bar
The Temple Bar is where all the fun and magic of Dublin happens. Located just in the South side of Dublin is an amazing street of typical Irish bars, with the crown the Temple Bar itself. Being one of the oldest bar this bar is typically Irish and if you’re in Dublin a must visit! There are always people around and in the bar, it is open 24/7 (even during Christmas!) and has live music! Make sure to grab a pint or two. You’re basically Irish now!

6. The Jameson Distillery
Address: Bow St, Smithfield Village, Dublin 7, Ireland
Even if you’re not a fan of Whiskey, this tour is still great. You will learn all about the history of one of the most famous Whiskeys in the world. Jameson’s. The tour will have it’s own guide and will take around 40 minutes. At the end you even got a shot of Whiskey (If you are above 18 of course).

7. Howth
In the north of Dublin, lies a small fishertown called Howth, from connely station it is just a 15 min train ride with the Dart. Once you arrive, follow the signs to get to the cliff walk and enjoy the amazing view. Keep on walking next to the cliffs and you will go to a lighthouse. Make sure to take some water with you though, this could be a very heavy hike. But there are also easier paths you can take. Once you are back in the town. Make sure to check out one of the fish restaurants.

8. Grafton Street
Located in the more Posh areas of Dublin, Grafton street is where you would find the more luxerious shops, there even is a fantastic looking mall called Stephen’s Green Shopping center, on the other side lies Stephen’s green Park. This park is very authentic and quite large. Grafton Street is where the it is at! Grafton Street is also very close to Temple Bar.

9. Christ Church Cathedral
Address: Christchurch Pl, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, Ireland
Even if you do not believe, this Cathedral is pretty special, it is beautiful inside, but you can even visit the crypts underneath the Cathedral. It is very close to Temple Bar and Grafton street. They have books in around every language that will tell a bit about the history of the Cathedral. Well worth the short visit.

10. Dublin Castle
Address: Dame St, Dublin 2, Ireland
And finally, Dublin Castle. Located very close to Temple bar too is this amazing piece of architecture. The castle was build in 1204, thus has an immense amount of history, later it was even used by the goverment and also has a major part in the Dublin revolt of 1912. Time you will spend here is usually around 1 to 3 hours. But if it is your first visit to Dublin, you will learn a lot here!

Hope you liked this top 10, for some more related posts, see below links! Thank you for reading!
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Howth, Dublin

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If you live in Dublin, sometimes you just want to get out of the big city. 30 minutes by Dart train to the north lies the small coastal town of Howth. A really beautiful place that is actually a small fishing village (Now part of Dublin). Howth offers nice fishing shops, excellent views of the Irish Sea and even has amazing walk close to the cliffs.

Getting to Howth is quite easy, just take the train from Connely station and go on the Dart Line to the north (Malahide and Howth). Just hop on to the Howth line. A return ticket is 5 euro. It will take you around 30 minutes to get to Howth.

Once you arrive just go left from the station, you are now walking in the town of Howth. Just keep on going straight and you can walk up. The cliff path is just straight ahead.

Go here on a sunny day, the view is really beautiful, make sure take take some food and drinks with you. You can also have a picnic like we did.

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Why a long distance relationship is worth it

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You may be thinking, why being far from eachother might be worth it, is not not easier to find someone in the same country? Maybe even the same city? That might be true, but true love doesn’t know a boundary. Doesn’t know borders. If you can find true love close by, that is great. However some people just meet true love on their holiday, or even when they are studying or working abroad. These are the reasons why I believe our LDR is worth it. Please note that for someone else these reasons might be completely different.

Different cultural perspective
Meeting someone from a country that is totally different from yours, will give you a comlete new perspective, from different social norms, to generally completely new insights. I knew that Mexicans are very warm people, I didn’t knew how important cultural traditions are to them. I didn’t even knew what a real taco was until I met Andrea and she took me to a place that made real taco’s. Not those fake hard shell taco’s! :D

Amazing adventures together
Everytime you travel to her country or she to yours, you travel a lot, seeing new amazing places you didn’t even know they were there. It is also very nice to have your personal (and amazing) tour guide. She knows a lot about the country. You’re basically just traveling with a local.

Whenever she comes to your country, you can be her tour guide! Taking her onto cool places she never heard about before. It is really cool to show each other your country.

You can also engage in exploring a new country you both didn’t visit before, being lost alone in a country can give you a very amazing feeling, experiencing that together is even better.

The happiness when you see eachother again
There is no feeling in the world that can describe the feeling when after a long time of not having seen other, you finally can embrace her/him again. The feeling of being complete again, because everytime you leave, you leave a piece with him/her. But that feeling is just oh so good!

The challenge of making it work
Of course you don’t want to keep traveling to each other, you have to figure out a plan to live with each other. Will she come to your country to live? Or will you move to hers? Or even go in the middle? You will both move to a different country? The plan to figure this out is hard. But once you have done it, you can look back at the long road it took and be happy together. Personally I think this road is even more rewarding when you just find love in your own country.

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The hardest thing in our lives

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Time flies, really it does. Especially if you are having as much fun as we did. That is why after 3,5 weeks of being in Mexico. The day that I feared arrived. The day that I was going back to the Netherlands.

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Even though this was my 3rd time in Mexico, we thought we were used to saying goodbye to eachother at the airport. But we were so wrong. The longer you know someone, the more fun you have together. The harder it will become to say goodbye. I wanted to turn back so many times, spend more time with Andrea. But of course I could not.

After flying back to Mexico City I already felt an emptiness inside. But I was still in Mexico. So I was still feeling Andrea’s presence. However soon after I finally arived home I felt the silence. No more footsteps. No dogs around. No warm hugs, no kisses, nothing. That is what hurts the most. Missing the one you have an amazing connection with.

Of course we both know that we will survive this, we need to get busy and contact eachother regulary. Making plans to see each other soon and making a plan that enabled us to live together, so that we don’t have to have these hard farewells again. Falling asleep now without Andrea is very hard. But soon I will be able to sleep again. Thinking about our fantastic memories that we have created.

“Hug me tight, one more time, not the final time. This is not a goodbye, this is a see you soon.”

5 fun (LDR) date ideas

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Being seperated for a long time can be hard on either side, to keep things interesting and alive between your significant other you can do a few fun virtual dates with eachother. It would be almost like you are together again and can create fun memories.

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1. Watch a movie together
You can do this either in the cinema or at home, where you will select a movie you will watch together at the same time. Even with timezones it can be hard sometimes, but there will always be a movie playing at around this same time.

For example, Andrea and I check which times would be best and then we will let eachother know when we are at the cinema. Now just imagine your significant other sitting net to you, watching the exact same stuff at around the same time. Normally when we do this, the difference in time is maximum 30 minutes.

After movie is done, you can talk about it of course!

When you want to watch a movie together you can try to facetime/skype call him/her on your phone and both watch the same movie/series together. Just sync the time so that the same is playing on both screens as you see him/her on your phone. It is like you are together!

2. Virtual picnic
This one is fun too, get the exact same stuff (or similar), choose a nice place (A park is the best). And turn on facetime/skype. Have an amazing picnic together! If your picnic is after dark, you could also bring some candles to light the place up a bit. Even more romantic play your favorite song for your significant other. You will create amazing memories together!

3. Browse photo’s together to relive the past
If you have been traveling a lot together, you probably have a lot of pictures. On a lazy sunday you could create a shared google photo’s library and watch your amazing memories together, you could also make a photo album yourself and show him/her your creation over facetime/skype. Very romantic!

4. Make a playlist and listen to it together
If you both have Spotify (or a similar service you can listen on), you can create a playlist that you share for both to share their favorite music on. Now just choose a time where you can both relax and listen to the exact same music while you both close your eyes and relax. You are together now!

5. Play a game together
Can be an offline game (Like Monopoly) but ever better online. There are many online games you could play together! If you both know poker why not some online poker? You could even work together and beat the others. Pogo has a very big collection of multiplayer games. Playing online games is very fun together!