Visiting Aguascalientes again

By Pascalito on Thursday 6 February 2020 17:14 - Comments (1)
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It was finally time to go back to Aguascalientes, Mexico again. I have looked forward to this time so long already, finally be together with Andrea again and spend more time together. Even though on a distance we grew even closer together. Spending time with her in her city is even better. I wish this time would never end.
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I am writing this on the 6th of February, so I only have been here for three days, I left from Amsterdam on the 2nd and arrived after a short layover in Mexico City on the 3rd at 7:00am. However in this short time we explored the city center a bit and we went to see Dolittle in the cinema. The Cinema is really cheap here compared to the Netherlands. A movie ticket is just 2,50 Euro. While in Netherlands the price starts at 11,00 euro. Such a difference!

This is my 5th time visiting Mexico and my 4th time visiting Aguascalientes. Its a big city compared to home and if I am really honest, visiting here again really feels like home now. Even though I spend now roughly 11 weeks here total, I could see Aguascalientes becoming my home as well. Time will tell.

Other than that, the Mexican food is something I have really missed, and I hope I will get taste many different dishes before I go home again on the 16th.

Now that I have had some Spanish level, I already can see that this makes a huge difference. I am now understanding a lot more of what people say. Especially when I need to pay something, now I finally know roughly what I need to pay. Instead of just handing over money and hope you get the correct amount back. When I am back in Netherlands I will for sure continue learning Spanish.

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By Tweakers user Barryke, Saturday 8 February 2020 14:53

Nog tips voor spaans leren?

Leuk blog, net gevonden. Normaal lees ik zo'n dingen niet, gelukkig met fotos. Ik ben nu 2x in Mexico geweest (Yucatan-Chiapas) en dit smaakt naar meer. :)

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