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By Pascalito on Saturday 1 February 2020 23:59 - Comments (7)
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In this post I will give you tips to make your stay in Hostels as pleasant as possible. Hostels are always a little bit tricky, especially because you already want to save money so a hostel might not be that comfortable than a hotel room. I hope these tips help you out!
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Bring earplugs
This one is easy to forget, but a lifesaver, bring earplugs! You don’t know with what kind of people will sleep in your room, so best is to be prepared for a good nights rest.

Bring a towel
Many hostels do NOT provide towels with their linens. Make sure to bring your own just in case.

Most hostels have Wifi nowadays, so don’t worry about not being connected.

Never leave your passport at check in
Some hostels would like to hold your passport for a deposit, never do this! There are hostels known for falsely claiming you broke something and you have to pay to get your passport back.

Don’t turn the light on at 5am
If you are leaving on an early train, do not turn the lights on at 5am to pack. Pack the night before. Turning the lights on while a majority of people in the dorm are sleeping is BAD. Also the same goes for party people coming back in the middle of the night.

Talk to your fellow travelers
Most important tip! Talk to your other Hostel goers, they are traveling just like you, get to know some people!

Staff can keep your valuables safe
You commonly find hostels without lockers. If you have super valuable things, most often staff will be more than happy to hold onto these items for you while you are out and about. (also bring a pad-lock, you will often need it for lockers)

Keep your wallet close
I am not saying you can’t trust anyone, but never keep your wallet in your trousers, if someone decides to steal that’s often the first place they will look.

Clean after yourself
You are a guest, so please keep your bed and everything you used in the kitchen clean.

Hope this post helps a bit when you are planning on going to a hostel one day, enjoy!
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By Black.C0ffee, Sunday 2 February 2020 01:12

Pro-tip: Use VPN on WIFI

By Tweakers user enermax, Sunday 2 February 2020 06:23

Indeed a VPN is a must. I bought it for my trip to China 1 year ago. I thought I would not use it after I got back... it turns out I use it a lot everywhere. You don't need to worry when you are connected to airport/restaurant/school/train wifi hotspots. Sometimes internet sites are regional locked. Example Belgium tv apps so you set connection to Belgium. If you want to access Netflix/Steam during your trip just set your country to the Netherlands. Downloading a series that is impossible to find legally. Set your VPN to outside the Netherlands. Google does not always need to know your location, so install it on your laptop.
I paid 99 euro euro for 3 years. Totally worth it!

By Tweakers user mercapto, Sunday 2 February 2020 07:33

Flip flops/slippers/jandals!
No, not for going to the beach, or for strolling down the boardwalk, but for in the SHOWER.
Unless you don't mind bringing back a souvenir that will stick with you for the next several forevers! A fungal nail infection ain't no fun. :|

By Tweakers user R20141016, Monday 3 February 2020 11:53

You can also spend a little more money to stay in a good hotel of a good AirBnb. No hostels for me and my family. :9

By Tweakers user himlims_, Monday 3 February 2020 16:14

R20141016 wrote on Monday 3 February 2020 @ 11:53:
You can also spend a little more money to stay in a good hotel of a good AirBnb. No hostels for me and my family. :9
kinda depends on your situation; you travel alone, or like to meet new people, social interaction with strangers and make new friends ... hostel is great for that.

like some privacy / or no social bullshit; get a hotel, not that much more expensive

By Tweakers user AW_Bos, Monday 3 February 2020 18:00

Or book a hotel!

By barth, Tuesday 4 February 2020 15:29

For the following: "Never leave your passport at check in",
I have found from experience that this point in Vietnam this is next to impossible.
Perhaps I was unlucky or not persistent enough

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