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South Africa is a beautiful country, full of contrasts. From a very clear divide of the poor and rich, to amazing natural fauna and amazing food. South Africa, also known as the rainbow nation is a place not to be missed when you get the chance. In this blog I will tell you about mine Top 3 places you must visit once in your lifetime.

1. Cape Town
Started as a Dutch Settlement, now a beacon of light and a modern city. Visit Tabletop mountain, enjoy the scenic views and visit the Mandela Baai. This city is as vibrant as it gets. There are lot’s of local food markets. Tip: Make sure to enjoy a braai (South African barbecue). If you want you can also rent a car and drive a long the world famous Garden Route. So pretty!

2. Johannesburg
The City of Gold, Jozi, Johannesburg has lots to offer. From the Apartheidsmuseum (A must visit!), Stunning Malls like Sandton City, Rosebank and Mellrose mall and of course Soweto where you can visit Mandela’s old house.

Johannesburg is a vibrant city. Even though it can be still quite dangerous. The crime has slowly been declining in the recent years. During the day there is enough to do for weeks! Johannesburg is also close to Pretoria, has modern transportation (Gautrain) and has a lot of nice hotels. Johannesburg also has a the largest mall of the Southern hemisphere now, The Mall Of Africa!

3. Port Elizabeth
If you are looking for a more quiet place to explore, then Port Elizabeth is a good place to go! Port Elizabeth in the western part of South Africa on the West Coast. There are lot’s of houses build in Victorian style. You can also go whale watching as Port Elizabeth is a famous spot for Whales. Make sure to visit this (Small) city if you want to escape the busy town of Johannesburg.

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By Tweakers user JMaster, Friday 8 February 2019 10:58

South Africa is beautifull, you definitly should rent a car and drive by yourself. The roads a pretty well. Tips to go:
- Swaziland, that's where Shaka Zulu wa recorded.
- If you're in right season: Hermansbaai to spot whales
- Drakensbergen, a great place to have a walk
- When going to the krugerpark, try to book an overnight on the park so you can get up really early in the morning to spot animals.

Have fun!

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