Cavillo, Mexico

By Pascalito on Sunday 6 January 2019 03:16
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On the last day of the year 2018, Andrea and I decided to go with two other friends to a small town called Calvillo. This town is apperantly a magical town. The main square is built in the 18th century. Calvillo is about 58km from Aguascalientes city and lays within the state of Aguascalientes.

Calvillo is the largest guava producer in Mexico and famous for its superb confectionery and liqueurs made from this fruit, which you can sample at the Guava Fair held during the first week of December.
The town square is very beautiful, there are a lot of side streets with interesting shops and it feels very touristic. They also have a very large cathedral, worthy of a visit. The town centre is very busy, it is known for it’s orange trees. However during this time of the year there trees were obviously bald. The place still has a nice relaxing feeling even though it is very full with people.

We explored a little bit, too bad that we missed the tour bus, however gladly we had a car. So after walking to the steps of Las Graditas we enjoyed a nice view over the town. After that we went to the lake of Malposo. During the summer you can enjoy large waterfalls here. However during December/January it is more of a lake.

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