Querétaro City (Part 3)

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Our final day in Querétaro finally came, our bus back to Aguascalientes would depart around 1 pm so we decided to explore the city center of Querétaro a bit first together with Indy and Andrea.
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After our super American breakfast in Ihop, we visited one of the hills with a view of the aqueduct that runs through Querétaro, built-in 1738. Its construction started just 12 years earlier on the orders of Juan Antonio de Urrutia y Arana, Marquis of Villa del Águila. With 75 massive arches, the tallest of which stands at 75 feet (23 meters), the aqueduct was utilized to bring clean drinking water to the city. This aqueduct looks even more special at night as it is light up with beautiful pink lights.

We only had a short time left, so we visited a few beautiful squares in downtown Querétaro and afterward, we went back to the bus station. It takes around 5 to 6 hours to travel from Querétaro to Aguascalientes so we had a nice rest on the bus.

I enjoyed my engagement-moon with Andrea, it was one of the best Valentines as well for me. I would love to come back to Querétaro one day with her again.

Querétaro City (Part 2)

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The next day we got picked up by Indy again and we traveling in around 1 hour to Peña de Bernal. This is a small village located at the bottom of the world’s 3rd largest rock. Which in real life looks way better than on the pictures.
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From Querétaro, it only takes around 30 to 50 minutes driving via the highway to Bernal. Bernal is known as a magic town since 2006 by Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism. Bernal stems from 1642 and was founded by the Spanish, but has developed itself quite significantly since then.

We already could see the mountain of Bernal when we arrived, but actually this mountain is just one big rock, the third largest rock in the world. The view from the street was magnificent. There were tons of small touristic shops as well. This town clearly lives from tourists visiting the town.

You can either walk up towards Peña de Bernal or you can use a Tuk Tuk because walking up there in the hot sun can be quite a challenge. Before doing that though, I think it’s good to have some breakfast. Which we exactly did. We went to one of the small kitchens and the food was really good. With a full stomach, we were ready to go.

We decided to walk and in just 30 minutes we were in the beautiful square of Peña de Bernal, we rested a bit and we walked a bit higher. You can also go inside the nature reserve but only with a guide.

Visiting this amazing place with Andrea was awesome after we took some more photo’s we went back to the town again. We visited the beautiful church and rested a bit because soon we would be going towards our next destination. The Finca Sala Vive Vineyards! (Which I was very excited about).

We have visited many breweries before, (Guinness, Heineken, Josè Cuervo) but never a winery. So visiting this new place with Andrea and Indy was a blessing. We drank some wine and ate some cheese before the tour and we were getting tipsy slightly.

We (the 3 of us) were the only people doing the English tour, so we got a private tour with a very knowledgeable tour guide. We visited the factory and also the wine cellar where everything is kept and then later processed again.

After the tour, we got our free wine glasses and we stayed until the place was closed around 6 pm. I already enjoyed this day with Andrea and I know that we will have many amazing days like this our future.

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Querétaro City (Part 1)

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After Andrea and I got engaged we decided to have our own engagement-moon. Hence we decided to visit Querétaro. Querétaro is a large city just north of Mexico City. This City is expanding very quickly in recent years.
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Hèrcules bar and beer garden

We arrived in the afternoon at the bus station and we got picked up by a very good friend of Andrea; Indy. She picked us up in her car and later we picked up her boyfriend Jacob. We drove to this Beer Garden called Hèrcules. This place is ideal for hipsters and beer lovers. Every month they offer different types of craft beer made locally.

The atmosphere of this beer garden is very nice, it’s not too busy and you can play some table tennis or table soccer. The pizza they offer is very good as well. But the beer is just incredible. Unsure of what type of beer you like? Order a try out of 5 different beers first.

I really enjoyed my first evening here, the beer garden also offers a shop where you can buy some very trendy shirts and special beer can designs for a very good price.

In the next post, I will write more about Querétaro and more specifically Peña de Bernal. Thank you for reading!
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She said yes!

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On the 8th of February, I have done something I never thought I would do, three years ago when I met Andrea, I never would thought that this day would come. The day I propose to her. Since I started to get to know Andrea better and better. I knew some time now that she was the one. It is a strange feeling but I know that there is no better woman than her in my life, Andrea is so warm, smart, funny and much more. She really helps me trough life and I feel very special that I have to honor to walk beside her.
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Two months ago, I made the decision to propose to her. I wanted to it to be special so I scoped out around six jewelers, once I saw the engagement ring I knew exactly that this would be the one. A few months ago I asked a friend of her to get to figure out what Andrea would like and most importantly what her size was. It felt very surreal when I bought the ring, the beginning of a new phase in life has just started.

I knew I was visiting Mexico between the 3rd of Feb and the 16th of Feb. 14 February is Valentines day. But I didn’t want to Propose to her and then the next day leave her again. So I decided to Propose on the 8th. This way I still had just over a week with her as my Fiancee. A week where some important decisions about our wedding have to be made as well.

I already knew two of her close friends, Karla and Xochli, I asked Karla to help me out and she was very happy to do so. She added Xochli to the chat and soon we came to a date. First I said Saturday the 8th, but somehow (I still don’t know why). I said the Friday the 7th. Karla could only come at Friday, so she would wait in the room next to us. Later though I set the date back on the 8th again. A waiter had to take the pictures instead.

Xochli gave me some ideas about the restaurants, we we made the decision to do the proposal at Tasca & Cava. Apparently the food here was amazing and the place looked really great. Karla did the reservation and told the manager how I wanted it.

Karla was exceptional at everything and made sure everything was fine. She even visited the restaurant to check everything again for me. We decided on our plan, we would sit in a private place above the seats. The staff would prepare the room and the way towards our table with rose petals and candles. Our table would also have rose petals and candles. The Friday before I would drop of my suit. Because I wanted to propose during the desert. The suit and a bouquet of roses would wait for me in the private toilet.

Everything went perfect, Andrea said afterwards she had a hunch, but she had no idea about everything and that I even asked for the permission to marry her to her mother on the Monday when I arrived. We kept everything very secretive. Sometimes this was a bit hard. Because I needed to hide the group conversation on my phone I had, I need to keep the ring hidden away and my mouth shut. The last one was very hard because I don’t have any secret towards Andrea. We are always very honest towards each other. My parents knew, some of her friends knew, her family knew. She did not knew for the entire week.

When we ate the food (it was super delicious bye the way!) I was getting more nervous with every minute passing. Soon we arrived at the desert. However we were so full already we almost skipped this! I insisted to do 1 desert for us both. Else my plan would completely fail!

I got a sign that the desert was on it’s way so I excused myself to go the toilet. I never changed clothes so fast. But I had everything prepared in my suit bag. I even did my tie the day before.

Then came the moment I will never forgot. I quickly gave my phone to a waiter to take a video and photo’s (Later we got to know he didn’t film, because he thought he was filming already, so we only have a short moment of film, however the pictures he took were beautiful). I saw Andrea looking at things on her phone. When she saw me in my suit, she knew finally what was about to happen.

I went on my knee, we’ve been together for nearly three years and we went had many amazing adventures already. My life wouldn’t be complete without her. Then I asked if she wants to marry me. She instantly said si si si! Then I placed the ring around her finger, she loved it! And best of the all; the ring fits perfectly!

I did it! We were so happy and we took some more pictures. After a while I paid and we went to a party Karla and Xochli organised as well. When we went down everyone congratulated us and clapped their hands. We felt so special!

After that we went to a club, to really celebrate our engagement and for Andrea to meet her friends who knew everything already. They were so happy as well.

I feel so honored to start our next life phase together, we now have a lot of things to do and to prepare. A long distance relationship like this is very hard. But I know that I have found the right and only woman for me, together we can do this. Te amo mucho.
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Visiting Aguascalientes again

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It was finally time to go back to Aguascalientes, Mexico again. I have looked forward to this time so long already, finally be together with Andrea again and spend more time together. Even though on a distance we grew even closer together. Spending time with her in her city is even better. I wish this time would never end.
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I am writing this on the 6th of February, so I only have been here for three days, I left from Amsterdam on the 2nd and arrived after a short layover in Mexico City on the 3rd at 7:00am. However in this short time we explored the city center a bit and we went to see Dolittle in the cinema. The Cinema is really cheap here compared to the Netherlands. A movie ticket is just 2,50 Euro. While in Netherlands the price starts at 11,00 euro. Such a difference!

This is my 5th time visiting Mexico and my 4th time visiting Aguascalientes. Its a big city compared to home and if I am really honest, visiting here again really feels like home now. Even though I spend now roughly 11 weeks here total, I could see Aguascalientes becoming my home as well. Time will tell.

Other than that, the Mexican food is something I have really missed, and I hope I will get taste many different dishes before I go home again on the 16th.

Now that I have had some Spanish level, I already can see that this makes a huge difference. I am now understanding a lot more of what people say. Especially when I need to pay something, now I finally know roughly what I need to pay. Instead of just handing over money and hope you get the correct amount back. When I am back in Netherlands I will for sure continue learning Spanish.

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